Hello! I'm Chris, Sr. UX designer at SPINS. Previously, I was a UX designer at a printer company, Lexmark; and later in a Scandinavian logistics company, PostNord, and last 2021, I was a UX design lead at Accenture.
I earned my Master's in Design at Shu-Te University in Taiwan and received my UX Certification at Nielsen Norman Group.
Just a side note, I was a merchant marine seafarer on ocean-going vessels for 5 years before I shifted to design. Now, I enjoy evangelizing UX and empowering the organization with design strategy and human-centric design principles.
When I'm not working, I run a UX design studio at Ergo, co-host a design podcast at Design Shifters, mentor designers at ADPList, and speak about UX at universities.
Sr. UX Designer at SPINS
SPINS is a data technology company for retailers and product brands in the US. On the job, I lead product design projects that helped retailers make strategic decisions through our business portal. Within a few months, I helped improved product delivery through team collaboration, rapid prototyping, and design review sessions. Increased efficiency of design iteration through usability testing, stakeholder collaboration, and ideation workshops.
April 2021 - Present  |  Philippines

UX Lead at Accenture 
Accenture is a large tech consulting company operating in multiple different countries. My role is to empower our team of designers to improve digital products through the data-driven design process for digital products for large enterprise clients. We make the effort to understand the users and shape the end-to-end interaction of the product around that for a more compelling experience.
April 2021 - Present  |  Philippines
UX Designer at PostNord 
PostNord is a logistics company in  Denmark, Finland, Norway, and Sweden. My role is to conduct usability and UX research to gather user insights and leverage data to design user interfaces. I work closely with developers and stakeholders in designing improvements to our online portal for business accounts and private users. 
February 2020 - April 2021  |  Remote
UX Designer at Lexmark
Lexmark is an international printer company with research and development facilities in the United States, India, and the Philippines. My role is to provide great experiences to the users while taking note of the business, developer, and aesthetic side of the products. I conduct user research and UX design which encompasses competitive analysis, journey maps, user persona, moderated usability testing, information architecture, wireframes and prototypes for printer-related web and mobile apps, and printer panels.
January 2018 - February 2019  |  Cebu City, Philippines
UI Designer at Motivosity
Motivosity is a B2B startup platform that is made for companies to provide employees an avenue to give “thanks” to everyone else. My responsibilities are creating graphics and marketing assets and collaborating with developers to create great experiences on the website, web app, and mobile app. I take care of the UX/UI designs and user research for the company.
April 2015 - Dec 2018  |  Utah, USA
Design Consultant
I lead the design and branding strategy for different companies in the retail, magazine, and tech industries. Worked on graphic assets, UI design, and apparel designs. The companies I worked with are Flying Magazine, Just Shaka, Aeroplane Apparel, pilotmall.com, and givemethedirt.com
June 2014 - Present  |  Cebu City, Philippines
Keynote Speaker at CIT-U
I was asked to be a resource speaker for UX design to the graduating class of Multi-Media Arts students of batch 2022.
December 2021  |  Philippines

Podcast Co-Host at Design Shifters
I co-host a design podcast where we talk about people in design who shifted from a totally different industry.
October 2021  |  Philippines

Co-Founder at Ergo Design Studio
I co-host a design podcast where we talk about people in design who shifted from a totally different industry.
October 2021  |  Philippines
Design Mentor at ADPList
I mentor designers from around the globe through the platform ADPList.
October 2021  |  Philippines
Co-organizer at CebUXD
I mentor designers from around the globe through the platform ADPList.
October 2021  |  Philippines
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